Brady Kettle

I'm a Massachusetts-based visual artist. I specialize in publishing, media, and narrative illustration with backgrounds in design,
art direction, and project management.


My illustrations focus on storytelling with crisp, clean design and composition. Revolving around multimedia spanning novels, folklore, games, and human memory, I am consistently drawn to stories taken from different cultural backgrounds and human experiences.
Professional clients include Lovecraft Arts & Sciences, Lucky Troll Games, Stupell Industries, Swyft Media, and more.


Design elements fine-tuned to be balanced as well as eye-catching. My experience ranges from designing logos, t-shirts, cards, canvas prints, emojis, and digital stickers.
Clients include Monotype Imaging Inc., Swyft Media, and HBO. I've worked with major brands and labels such as Jose Cuervo, Playboy, NFL, Star Wars, FOX, LAIKA Studios, Games of Thrones, and more.